I Am We’s work and accomplishments would not be possible without our volunteers. All of our volunteers share a passion and humanitarian spirit for making Chicago stronger, more united and efficient. Most bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the work that they do. They are generous, smart, creative, and committed. To highlight these accomplishments, we present our volunteers with awards on a yearly and quarterly basis.


Quan Mai, M.S., Volunteer Superhero of the Quarter of 2016 (January 2016-March 2016).

Quan Mai is a Data Analysis and Statistician. She is a recent graduate from Northeastern University. Quan got involved with I Am We to find statistical reasoning for why adolescents of color are dropping out of high school at high rates in order to strategically develop effective solutions. Though she recently started a new job, Quan continued to produce quality data analysis to support our work. She has uncovered a significant correlation: students who have access to resources and after-school programming including the arts graduated at a higher rate and are 3 times more likely to attend college compared to students that do not. Thank you, Quan for your commitment to I Am We!

hilaryHilary Zankel, M.S.c,  Volunteer Superhero of the Year (January 2015 – December 2015).

Hilary Zankel, an urban development analyst and a professional writer, worked with I Am We from  December 2015 to January 2016.  Her role was to introduce us to potential funders who would be able to support our work.  She spent countless hours searching databases and websites in order to gain referrals to identify which funders would be a good match for I Am We. Hilary’s work helped us to strategically develop a blended funding strategy to ensure we are able to move our mission forward. She has played a vital role in ensuring that I Am We programs are designed with measurable outcomes. Her work and contributions were invaluable to the mission and future of I Am We.  Thank you, Hilary, for a year of exceptional service!