2017 Peace Camp Brochure!

My daughters communication skills and confidence really grew by participating in I Am We’s photography and dance programs. Additionally, I really like the transparency the organization has with its parents. One day when picking up my daughter from programming, the instructor shared that my daughter had a difficult time concentrating in class, which was not like her. Immediately, this feedback had me look at what I could do to improve her concentration. I immediately changed her bedtime to an earlier time. Not only did her engagement change with I Am We, but also in school. I am thankful that this organization believes in transparency and creating open communication between its parents and students.” Ms. Mabon

Registration is now opened. Please click here to register or call (312) 291-1273 for more information.

Peacemakers Camp at I Am We provides children, ages 7-13 the ability to be problem solvers regarding the world around them. Projects are youth lead, and will focus on the world of art, science and community engagement.

Our program curriculum is designed to be fun, rigorous and self-discovered. Camper’s will explore creative writing, dark room photography, paining, film-making, theater and sound. Learning outcomes are S.T.E.A.M. based.

Through art, campers’s will develop photography exhibitions, curate art projects, film and theater. This work will be designed by camper’s as they advocate what “Peace” looks like to them.

Field trips: Every Friday, students will participate in a field trip to support their creative learning. Field trips will be at no additional charge.



The purpose of I Am We’s summer camp is to create an environment of learning while magnifying young voices through the medium of enriched steam based programming. Our summer camp is designed to be fun, empowering and create a bridge between youth and community.

I Am We’s 2017 summer camp is designed for all youth, ages 7-13.

Save: Parents that sign-up for our summer camp by May 25, 2017 will receive a 10% discount off their camp registration.

June 20, 2017 through July 28, 2017 | Full Day Camp from 8am to 5pm.

*Early drop off from 8am to 9am. *Early pick-up from 3pm to 5pm. ~There is no additional charge for early drop off (a $400.00 value).


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