From dancing on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C to her living room mirror in Chicago, dance has always been a major part of Victoria’s life. She started out in a tap class at 6 and spiraled in to all sorts of dance genres, including African, jazz, and contemporary dance. Ballet has always been her strong suit and the pillar of her dance career. As someone who has been greatly impacted by community programs and the chance to attend performing arts public schools growing up. Its makes since that life would place I Am We in her life journey. Victoria stands in agreement with I Am We’s vision and mission; to create a more united Chicago and to provide S.T.E.A.M art based programs to students in underserved communities. It is imperative that children feel supported, safe, and have free reign to accomplish every goal and dream they set forth for themselves. Through dance, Victoria hopes to create a safe space for students to be themselves and encourage the students to tap into their inner ballerina! Victoria holds a BA, from Columbia College Chicago.