Thomas is a United States Coast Guard veteran and Evanston, IL native constantly looking to inspire, teach, and imprint a positive image on impressionable minds. The core values he has carried since his time in the service are honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Whatever professional or personal environment he has been in those values have carried him through every situation. His time in the service taught him valuable life lessons on how to have a voice, create a need for action, and implement change. Military life opened up a whole world of possibilities, opened his eyes to new cultures, and taught him how to get out of his comfort zone. With his background focusing on sociology and psychology he has taken a fresh organic route to sales being an advocate for his clients future versus an order taker.

Along with continuing to grow professionally within his sales, management, and leadership experience his goals for I Am We is to install solid cornerstones internally and externally of lasting success to leave a legacy to positively impact the youth of Chicago for years to come. Some of Thomas’ hobbies include reading up on military history, ancient Egyptian history, scuba diving, sailing, traveling, beer club, barbecue, as well as baking.