Latisha received her education from Columbia College Chicago, Benedictine University and North Park University. She began her career in Chicago as an educator and filmmaker focusing on social issues that unifies humanity. She taught literacy development to high school students, young adults, and diverse learners. She then went to work for corporate America, where she served as a project manager in domestic and international knowledge and learning roles for The Ritter Group (acquired by Aon) and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. From this experience, she started a consulting business where she used her expertise to help higher education institutions and small businesses in project management, strategic planning, compliance training and development.

Latisha admits that her successes are not of her own. Sure she did the work, but the aspiration to do the work was made possible by her many mentors, her community and her love ones that believed in her and granted her access to opportunities that she never knew existed. Latisha is the first to graduate college from her immediate family. She is very transparent in sharing that her opportunities through mentorships created a passion for learning and gave her the confidence to serve in her many roles.

This is one of the reasons Latisha is very passionate about building bridges between youth and community.  Everyday Latisha meets dreamers who could be Chicago’s future leading lawyers, teachers, doctors, scientist, innovators, artists, etc. However, due to not having access, exclusion and/or inadequate resources our world will miss out on such potential talent. This is what keeps her up at night.

Latisha founded I Am We as a way to engage everyday citizens to provide well-rounded programming to one of Chicago’s most deserving populations: youth ages 11-18. She is hopeful that Chicago’s local and greater communities will make investing in underserved youth one of its greatest priorities.