Kim Chayeb is an internationally known Passionate Pisces, Political Pantheist, Poetic Performer who graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in 2015. She has dedicated her career amplifying marginalized voices while using art as a catalyst to advocate for inclusiveness for all.
Kim ‘s artistic strength has given her the opportunity to be a featured guest on 91.1 Vocalo Radio, WZRD Radio, Steppenwolf
Theatre, Pilsen Fest, Citlalín Gallery, DePaul University, Xavier University, at Thawalls, Gallery 400, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the University of San Francisco of Quito in Ecuador as well.
Throughout her rewarding career, Kim has made the time to invest in Chicago communities as a teaching artist for youth. This summer through a partnership with I Am We and After School Matters, Kim will be the lead teaching artist for Audio Journalism where she will empower teens in how to use their voices to create compelling podcast and stories on how to advocate for inclusiveness.

“I am honored to be a positive point of reference for our youth. I see them as our future leaders.” (Kim Chayeb)