By giving a regular amount each month, your gift adds up to make an even bigger difference in the lives of our youth and their communities all year long. Your monthly tax deductible gift ensures we meet our mission goals. With your monthly membership of $5.00 or more, we will enroll you in our membership program, where we will mail you a gift and send you our progress letters via US Mail. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Simply make a pledge of $5.00; $10.00; $25.00; $50.00; $100.00 or your own specific dollar amount of $5.00 or more. You will receive a commitment letter from us once we receive your pledge.

Monthly gifts help I Am We to better impact communities by giving us a reliable source of funding year-round. If you make a monthly gift, your credit card will be charged automatically each month.

A monthly credit card donation is the most cost-effective method of donating to I Am We, significantly reducing the postal mail we send to you and reducing administrative costs, which puts more of your contribution to work in engaging communities, cultivating relationships and preparing our youth for excellence.