Inspiring Chicago: Art As A Catalyst

Throughout the city, we meet like-minded citizens who share the same concerns about safety, community preparedness and what the future may hold for adolescent youth who are not prepared academically or socially for the future.

Art As A Catalyst was birthed with a vision of imagining what Chicago could look like if it was truly united, where quality education looked the same in every zip code and where every child in Chicago had access to safety, programming, the arts, imagination and responsible inspiring citizens.

Therefore, our mission for Art As A Catalyst is to bring communities together through the arts. Through Art As A Catalyst our goals are to:

  • Provide a safe space to engage, learn and create;
  • Connect communities;
  • Share resources;
  • Bring artist and artist enthusiast together;
  • Advocate for more meaningful intergenerational and multicultural relationships;
  • Inspire continous positive action through art;
  • Gain more resources for after school and summer programming for underserved children and teens.

Our first Art As A Catalyst event was hosted in Evanston in April, 2016. The Theme was “Investing in Pearls.” Citizens of Evanston and Chicago came together to learn more about I Am We by designing a custom bracelet during an art session led by local Evanston artist and Associate Board member, Meredith Kopelman.  A very special thank you to our volunteers and amazing sponsors for their in kind donations, which made this event possible. Our in-kind donors were:


Zen Shiatsu, Walsh Natural Health, Ayla’s Originals, Tommy Nevin’s Pub



Our Next Art As A Catalyst Event will be in August. Specific date, time and location is yet to be determined. More information will follow soon.