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We see a Chicago that is united and where every adolescent student, despite of zip code, has access to safety, quality after school and summer programming, the arts and its local and greater community.


To inspire, empower and promote community engagement in underserved communities and the greater Chicagoland area through the medium of storytelling, art programming, advocacy and strategic partnerships. We create community by enriching safe spaces with STEAM based after school and summer ART programming that stimulates learning, creative expression and self confidence. The programs we offer include photography, dance, theater, poetry and more.

Please contact Latisha Thomas for more information: lthomas@iamwecommunity.org

Core Values

  1. Invest in Preadolescent and Adolescent Youth
  2. Build Meaningful Relationships
  3. Pursue Growth and Learning
  4. Inspire Through Art
  5. Show The Good in Chicago-land
  6. Capture and Communicate Outcomes
  7. Be Passionate and Effective
  8. Team Effort
  9. Spread Community