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Purpose: To create united urban villages throughout Chicago that prepares adolescent and urban teens for positive leadership, academic excellence and inspiring self-expression through the mediums of art, storytelling, mentorship and programming.

What We Do: I Am We highlights compelling narratives that are under represented in modern media in order to inspire more meaningful connections between youth, community stake holders and the greater community. We do this through the medium of art, programming and outreach.

Mission: To create cohesion in Chicago’s most underinvested neighborhoods by building bridges between youth and community.

In 2015, the U.S. reached a historic 81% high-school attainment rate. While other states are preparing emerging leaders for postsecondary education, Chicago’s youth living in underserved communities are dropping out of high school at an alarming rate. According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, students who have access to the arts and after school programming graduate at a much higher rate compared those who do not. Many underserved school districts in Chicago continue to lose state benefits each year, resulting in a lack of access to STEM programming and artistic outlets.

I Am We is a 50(c)3 nonprofit. Our goal is to create community and cohesion in Chicago’s most underinvested neighborhoods by building bridges between youth and community. Through programming, we hope to connect youth with local communities and give them the self-confidence needed to succeed academically and socially.

I Am We’s Core Values include:
  1. Invest in preadolescent and adolescent youth
  2. Build meaningful relationships with community stakeholders, volunteers, and citizens
  3. Pursue growth and learning across all areas of focus
  4. Highlight positive efforts in Chicago
  5. Inspire through art
  6. Capture and communicate outcomes
  7. Encourage passion and effectiveness
  8. Promote a team environment
  9. Spread community

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